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Barge cruises 

Cruises are all not the same, there are all sorts of cruises from river cruises, ocean cruises, to even barge cruises. You can travel the rivers in USA on the steamboats where you can discover the Mississippi River, the Columbia River. Travel to Europe on a river cruise and discover the little villages and hamlets along the way. And there are ocean cruises where the destination is the cruise itself as it has many activities to enjoy along with shore excursions. Barge cruises have about 4-22 passangers and travel the canals of Europe for a fascinating look of the old way of traveling.

Barge Cruise
European Barge Cruise

A Barge Cruise is usually like a small inn with less than 20 people aboard so you have that personal experience. You cruise through the scenic man made canals of the small hamlets and villages, vineyards and beautiful country side. Barge cruises travel about 3 mph so they are excellent for biking or walking as the barge is floating along. Great way to meet new people and make lasting friendships as you dine together with a festive atmosphere. Sightseeing is with the group for private sightseeing in places that most travelers will never see. At times you will visit the locals and immerse yourself in their culture. Barge cruises are an excellent way to discover the out of the way places that river cruises and
ocean cruises cannot go. Barge season is usually from mid April – the end of October and is subject to change.

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