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European river cruises 

A River cruise is a slow voyage along inland waterways, often stopping at multiple small towns, villages, castles and fairytale hamlets which mostly you will find in Europe. Most are all inclusive and offer a range shore excursions, beer, wine, specialty teas and coffee. The river cruise ships frequently dock in the center of cities and towns so all you do it walk off the ship. Most river cruises have between 120 to 190 passengers approximately, more on Russia and China rivers.

Prauge Czech Republic River Cruise
Prauge Czech Republic River Cruise

Entertainment is a piano player or a villager performing their talents. You can get off the ship to interact with the locals, eating in their homes, wine tasting, exploring the culture of the town or village. A fun way to see Europe and meet the people. River cruises are not the focus of a river cruise. They show the historic sites and natural wonders along the world’s grandest rivers.

You can also cruise the Rivers of China and Russia

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